Tips and Advice on How to Plan the Perfect Wedding

So it is your big day, ten minutes to go before you take the plunge. You look around and only one word sums up the experience in your mind: Disaster. The cake is stale, the photographer is MIA, and your florist doesn’t seem to know what a stephanotis is. Where did it all go so wrong?

…And then you wake up from the nightmare. As you wipe the cold sweat from your forehead you realize that you still have six months to set things right (and get rid of that shady flower peddler). The perfect wedding is still in sight, but it will take some planning. But just what does that involve?

Consult the Experts

Lucky for you, wedding planning is a much-discussed topic. There are tons of articles and websites out there dedicated to the art of wedding crafting. Written by experts in the field, these blogs can help give you all of the information you need to refine your plans. From advice on how to interview your vendors and weed out mischievous horticulturalists, to the news on the latest trend in theme weddings; these blogs can be an invaluable aid for you in your arrangement endeavors. When you find a blog you like, be sure to subscribe or, if it is on Facebook, become a fan. This way you can receive notifications of updates to the blogs and always be able to get the latest information as soon as it becomes available. Just be sure to become a subscriber to this blog first though, since I gave you the idea and all. Actually, with all the wedding planning tips you are getting, you really sort of owe me that at this point. Just saying…

Plan Early, Plan Often

Probably the most obvious tip, and yet the most important, is to plan early. Give yourself some time to set everything up. Last minute planning forces you to compromise and make important decisions, like which vendor to go with, based on a deadline instead of based on your feelings on the matter. Simply put, the more time you have left until the wedding, the more time you have to find the photographer who fits your budget.

Flowers? Check. Strictly 80′s Billy Joel cover band? Check.

Checklists are fun! Well not really, but they are still very helpful tools. More than a simple to do list, a checklist is a timeline that can show you not only what needs to be done but when it should be done by. In this way, a good checklist can help keep you on track as you approach your big date. Luckily, the Internet once again is there to help you out on this one. Take a look at (link) from for a great wedding checklist guide, as well as other helpful wedding planning tips.
Your Turn Now

Weddings are perfected and destroyed during the planning process, anybody will tell you this. Planning a wedding is a daunting task, but fortunately, you do not have to face your herculean task alone and unarmed. Before you get overwhelmed just remember these important tips:

* Consult the expert blogs on the subject
* Plan ahead long in advance of the big day
* Start a checklist

For more helpful advice on how to have the wedding that everyone you know will be talking about for years to come (and not because a fist fight broke out between the DJ and the caterer), then sign up to be notified of new installations to this perfect wedding guide as they come. Become a follower by clicking the link on the right side of the page and you will soon hear of all the wedding tips, checklists, and ideas you need to know, straight from professionals in the industry.

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